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SnapAdvice - What Is It?
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What is SnapAdvice™?


Whether you need expert advice for a specific challenge you’re facing or just want to connect with an influencer for general insights, SnapAdvice is your go to app for moving your ideas forward.

  • Need immediate help from industry experts?
  • Want to learn from an influencer you’ve been following online?
  • Need personalized advice to reach your entrepreneurial goals?
  • Market expertise for your next presentation?
  • One-on-one coaching to advance your career?

Don't waste time waiting for potential meetings. Get personalized SnapAdvice™ - when you need it.


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About The Team

Founded by Paul Bae, who has worked on Product Strategy and Marketing teams at places like Google, CBS Digital,,, etc. Paul is passionate about social media but wants to see more professional value out of social media interactions and enjoys talking with people to try to come up with solutions together.

About the founding Board Members:

Charles Lee is the Founder & CEO at Ideation, an idea-making company that specializes in helping brands scale their business with strategic implementation.

Travis Mason is an executive at Google X.



NEWS:  SnapAdvice has been acquired! We're hitting the 'Pause' button on the App for now, which means that you won't be able to schedule any new Advisor Sessions in the app. Stay tuned for updates on our exciting new future! Thanks for your support!